About Us

Designers and manufacturers of various types of Plastic Pet Injection Mould, Pet bottles, HDPE Mould.

Our Story

ATECH Industries is a manufacturer of Mould and Die headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Since 1987, ATECH has completed more than 300 general and specialty projects throughout all over India.

Specializing in the design/build delivery of Mould and Die specific products and machine facility and other highly technical projects, ATECH has the expertise to provide a turnkey solution of varying size and scope.

Best Moulding Machine Manufacturer of India
Honest and transparent product and service.
Committed to delivering the best and on time.
Trusted Mould and Die Industry

Know More About Us

We are Mould and Die manufacturer.

As a company we proudly design, custom plastic injection molds of the highest quality. Our Engineers work daily to create & repair plastic injection molds of shapes, sizes and weights.
Enhance satisfaction of customer and interested parties through Supply of quality “Dies, Moulds, Press tools and Components”.
Bottle Mould

5L Plastic Bottle Mould / 1L Plastic Bottle Mould / Plastic Water Bottle Mould Die

Blow Mould

Plastic PET Blow Mould / Mould Base Die Tool / Industrial Plastic PET Blow Mould / Plastic Blow Mould